• High Vibe Valentine with Sous Weed

    As the weather freezes us out and we approach Valentine's Day, we talked with the infamous Sous Weed (aka Monica Lo) to heat things up a little for a High Vibe Valentine's Day - one we all deserve after this last year!
  • The Alter Collection

    Ouija, séances and tarot became poplar in the 1920s after the Spanish Flu pandemic. We find this oddly curious! The Alter Collection is for October. Each piece is inspired by the occult and the desire to connect with people who have passed. 
  • ARVDay Project

    ARVDay Project February is American Heart Month. Did you know, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease in the United States? We are making four ...
  • Eyes on the Eye

    Evil Eye vs Third Eye The third eye is a mystical concept of an invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. It is usually de...