High Vibe Valentine with Sous Weed

As the weather freezes us out and we approach Valentine's Day, we talked with the infamous Sous Weed (aka Monica Lo) to heat things up a little for a High Vibe Valentine's Day - one we all deserve after this last year!

And yes oh yes did she serve it up! Taking us somewhere tropical with her canna-infused Tropical Waffles. But beyond this queen's amazing culinary skills, we wanted to know a little more about Monica and how she's feeling for V-Day 2021. 

Follow along below with our interview of this true Culinary Cannabis Queen!

What does Valentine's Day mean for you?

My love language is food so Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling my partner and friends with edible treats. Last year I made a heart-shaped pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni that I cut individually. It’s a little extra but I had so much fun doing it.  


Do you think self-love should be a bigger focus? 

100%. Self-love is an essential tool for your mental and physical health especially during the pandemic when there’s a general sense of anxiety and no one is truly operating at their best. It’s important to show compassion to yourself and to others during this time. Self-love is different for everyone, for me, it’s escaping into a vintage cookbook and trying out new recipes. It’s also rolling a joint at the end of the night while listening to Bossa Nova. 

What is your favorite Valentine's Day dessert?

I love a rich, dense chocolate cake or a glass of port. 


What strain would you recommend with this dessert? 

Everything I’ve tried from Permanent Holiday has been solid. I love their Ice Cream Cake, Cookies, and Gelato. The flower is so flavorful and aromatic which makes it perfect for my sous vide infusions as well as smoking. 


What is your favorite thing to cook on VD? 

Breakfast in bed! Waffles are a go-to and I’ve got a recipe for a make-ahead cannabis-infused tropical waffle with flavors of mango, pineapple, and honey. With the extra preparation of making the batter and syrup the night before, your wake-and-bake breakfast will come together in just minutes. 


What is your favorite HSC piece?

I’m lucky enough to own three pieces! I use my keychain clip almost daily but I really love wearing my holder necklace with black Japanese glass. 

To follow along with Monica and her delicious canna-infused recipes, check out sousweed.com or follow @sousweed on Instagram for more cannabis edibles recipes!