FAQs + Care


Q: Do you make everything in the collection?
A: YES! Everything is HANDMADE in our Portland, Oregon studio. Our designs are clean, minimal and highly polished by skilled hands. We strive to make quality pieces that are interesting and enjoyable. 

Q: I lost one earring. Do you sell half-pairs?
A: Yes, if it is not an archived design. Our earrings are handmade and do vary from pair to pair. We spend time matching pairs so that the two earrings have the same overall shape, matching stones and the slider stops at the same point, etc. If you email a picture of your one earring we can try our best to match! The replacement cost is 50% of retail. Please use code "lostearring" when checking out. Unfortunately this discount cannot be combined with other discounts.  

Q: I broke the chain on my favorite HIGH SOCIETY COLLECTION necklace! Can you repair it?
A: Yep! The replacement cost of our clip necklaces is $20. You can send your pendant back to us or we can mail you the chain to reattach yourself. Please let us know through the "Contact Us" form if you plan to send us your pendant. Here is a link to the replacement chain

Q: Do you do custom work?
A: YES! We love custom projects. Especially custom engagement rings. Think sapphires and Puzzle Rings! Custom projects must be planned a few months in advance. 

Q: How do I clean my jewelry? 
A: Gold-dipped jewelry does not tarnish, so it should not change color. Clean with a mild soap and warm water, then pat dry. DO NOT use polishing clothes on Gold-dipped jewelry.

Silver, Brass and Bronze can be cleaned with a polishing pad or cloth. The cloth will also remove minor scratches. 

Q: What can I do to maintain my jewelry so that it stays like brand new for as long as possible? 
A: Avoid moisture, humidity, chemicals, swimming pools, hair spray, and perfume. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom, shower, kitchen sink, hot tub, etc. 

Q: What does Gold-dipped mean and does it wear off?
A: We use thick high quality gold plate, but all plating will wear naturally over time. To make it last, don't stack bracelets that may rub against each other, don't wear jewelry in the sand, and remove rings before washing your hands, gardening or doing work that could cause plated pieces to rub against abrasive materials.

Q: This ring turned my skin turned green. What's going on? 
A:  Some people's body chemistry reacts with brass and bronze this way. It depends on the salt content in your skin. There is nothing harmful about the reaction. You can reduce the likelihood of this reaction by avoiding moisture. You can also paint clear nail polish on the inside of ring bands.