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Golden Triangle Necklace
Golden Triangle Necklace

Golden Triangle Necklace

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Thank you for finding us through a link! This product can now be found with all necklace options here: SIGNATURE NECKLACES.

Highlight your neckline with the Golden Triangle Necklace. It is 24K gold-dipped and a cool Art Deco piece for both men & women. The design features a unique sliding mechanism. Simply pull the slide back and the clip springs open. Then to clip, move the slider forward and the device is tightly secured. The tips of the device are serrated to provide optimal grip. The 34" chain option is the most versatile - it can be worn long or double wrapped for another look.

  • Clip measures: 1 7/8" in length
  • Chain length: 34"
  • 24K Gold-dipped brass

*Meticulously handcrafted with a in our Portland, Oregon based studio.